Remembering Mike Resnick’s Books

Last year, I came across information that writer Mike Resnick was sick, but people get sick all the time, and then they get better… except for when it’s the sickness which gets the better of them as it was in his case.

To be honest, I didn’t know Mike Resnick as a person. I didn’t even know him as a writer. But I did know his books, so when the news of his recent death reached me, I immediately thought of his works. I don’t have those fancy memories of meeting him in person, but I have all the memories of reading his books and how formative some of them became. So today, to honor his memory and let him live on within his words and worlds, I’m sharing the ones I liked the most with you. Who knows, maybe you’ll feel tempted to pick one up?



A to Z Challenge: Q is for Quotes

QAs the letter Q was quite tricky, in today’s A to Z Challenge post rather than writing about a particular book, I’ll focus on quotes from various books.

Some quotes become famous, and even people who haven’t read the books recognize them. One of such is definitely “Not all those who wander are lost” by J.R.R. Tolkien, another one would be “Winter is coming” from George R.R. Martin, or Leo Tolstoy’s “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” while others remain obscure save the fans of a particular book. (more…)


A to Z Challenge: M is for “Miracle of Rare Design”

MFor today’s A to Z Challenge I’m coming back to the speculative genre with a book that is very special to me.

I first came across Mike Resnick’s books when my friend gave me his “Soothsayer”. I loved the concept and I loved the main character, a girl able to see possible futures and affect which one would happen, so I quickly read two other books in the trilogy (”Oracle” and “Prophet”), and then I searched for more by that author. This is how I came across “A Miracle of Rare Design”, though when I looked at the inconspicuous little book on the bookstore’s shelf, I didn’t know it would steal me for long hours, re-read after re-read. (more…)