Yet Again, I’m Falling for Fallout

It’s been nearly three weeks since the release of Fallout, Amazon Prime’s tv series based on the video game franchise that’s been around for almost thirty years. As a lifelong fan of the games series who’d played most of them at their release (except for Fallout which I played shortly after Fallout 2 and Fallout: Tactics which I never got around to trying out), I watched the news of development of the series with equal parts excitement and fear. Most companies don’t really have a good track record for bringing favorite franchises to life, and all I desperately hoped for was something halfway decent.

Well, I’m happy to report that since it’s release, I’ve watched the series three times already, and to me, it’s like a love letter to what made the games so great while being an entertaining show with an interesting and well-told story. (more…)


Gaming Writer’s Saturday: Fallout 76

I’ve been a fan of Fallout series since almost the very beginning of the series, back in 1998 when Black Isle Studios made the first two installments of the game. The post-apocalyptic world, so unlike the contemporary lousy YA renditions, mesmerized with the mix of great storytelling, complete freedom, and that pinch of an absurd humor that fitted right in with the world changed by the nuclear bombs.

Then, Bethesda Studios know of its Elder Scrolls series, took over Fallout and breathed new life into it. I was once – or actually twice – more lost in the world of retro sci-fi.

Yet, at the announcement of Fallout 76, I couldn’t help but wondering. An online game sounded like fun, but even if it wasn’t a massive multiplayer, and the prospect of venturing into West Virginia with a couple of my friends was enticing, gaming with other people brings a fair amount of problems. Extensive player killing, annoying players, simplified game mechanics or quests… On top of that, the studio announced there wouldn’t be any human non-player characters which required a new approach to quests and revealing the storyline. This all raised concerns. Would it live up to Fallout’s legend?

At the same time, Bethesda never disappointed me. From Morrowind through Fallout 4 to Elder Scrolls Online, not a single game had disappointed me so far. I knew I’d have to try it out, no matter what others were going to say about the game. (more…)