Gaming Writer’s Saturday: Skyrim vs. The Witcher 3

Apparently I’m one of the few people who didn’t enjoy the Witcher 3 much. The critically acclaimed and multi-awarded game didn’t manage to hold my attention for very long. I played it for several weeks (so about 60-70 hours of gameplay), and then promptly returned to Skyrim which at that time I had already replayed at least half a dozen of times. Every now and then, when I voice that unpopular opinion, I collect an interesting array of reactions: from quite derogatory suggestions that I don’t know what I’m talking about (as if preference was objective and not subjective), through …

Lessons Learned from Reading The Witcher Saga

Some of you might have heard about a successful video game series by CD Project called The Witcher, but probably not many know it all started with a short story sent to a contest organized by a Polish speculative fiction magazine. “The Witcher Saga” by Andrzej Sapkowski that grew out of this one story not only became a source of inspiration for the games, but is also a series on which a whole generation of Polish speculative fiction fans grew up, myself included.