Grand Canyon Trip

I hope you enjoyed reading posts in my Birthday Week series. I promised that at the end of it I’d share the story of my trip to Grand Canyon. I took over 200 pictures, and then managed to cut down the number to 70, and then, I trimmed it to little under 57. It’s going to be hard to put them all in a blog post, so with a heavy heart, I picked 24. I hope you’ll enjoy them. (more…)


Of Flying and Writing

of-flying-and-writingWhen over eight years ago I boarded the plane for the first time ever, I couldn’t help wondering whether I’d like flying. I still remember the first step I made on the steps leading up and the moment my other foot left the ground… My last step on the Polish ground for who knew how long: I was just about to immigrate to Ireland—excited, anticipating, maybe a bit worried—but I still couldn’t resist thinking of flying. After all, it’s the dreamer’s ultimate dream, isn’t it? (more…)