Yet Again, I’m Falling for Fallout

It’s been nearly three weeks since the release of Fallout, Amazon Prime’s tv series based on the video game franchise that’s been around for almost thirty years. As a lifelong fan of the games series who’d played most of them at their release (except for Fallout which I played shortly after Fallout 2 and Fallout: Tactics which I never got around to trying out), I watched the news of development of the series with equal parts excitement and fear. Most companies don’t really have a good track record for bringing favorite franchises to life, and all I desperately hoped for was something halfway decent.

Well, I’m happy to report that since it’s release, I’ve watched the series three times already, and to me, it’s like a love letter to what made the games so great while being an entertaining show with an interesting and well-told story. (more…)


Speculative K-Dramas for Valentine’s Day

I have a confession to make. I have a soft spot for Korean love dramas. Most times, they feel fresh in their innocence and honesty in contrast of the Western dramas that often rely on the main characters lying to each other to create tension, but of course, as a dedicated fan of everything speculative, I prefer my love dramas with a pinch of fantasy or science fiction, so here are three shows to check if you’re looking for something romantic and speculative at the same time that will last you long past February 14th. (more…)


All the Reasons to Love Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Recently, Inq and I have re-watched all the seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as a refresher before diving into the seventh, final season for the first time (we aren’t the “get it as soon as it’s out types, so we took our time). By now, I must have watched some of the seasons four or five times already, and I’m sure it’s not the last of it. Even though it’s not perfect, out of all the superhero shows I’ve watched, this is probably my most favorite (followed closely by Gotham), and there are so many reasons to love it! (more…)


The Wasted Potential of Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma

I played Dragon’s Dogma shortly after the game came out, back in 2012 (has it really been that long already?). The gameplay was enjoyable, and the setting felt just right: dark, but not overly gritty, showing a world with little hope but without trying to shock the player or plunge them into the depths of despair.

And though I might have missed the initial news of Netflix preparing an animated adaptation, once I’ve learned about the project, I was, well, hopeful. My expectations weren’t particularly high: a decent show capturing the game’s best aspects would do. And now, over a week after the series’ release, I can’t get over my disappointment. (more…)


What Went Wrong With Netflix’s Altered Carbon

I’ve read Richard Morgan’s Takeshi Kovacs series in my early twenties, back when I lived in Poland. There was a bit of hype about it, and I decided to check it out. Needless to say, a book that started with the main character dying on the first two pages had to suck me in (and I missed my tram stop because of it). I devoured all three books as they became available in Polish, and then—since there were no more Takeshi Kovacs stories—I moved onto other exciting reads.

When Netflix released its series based on the books, I hardly remembered the stories, only the setting, so it took me a while to actually get around to watching it. That delay allowed me to watch season 1 and 2 of Netflix’s Altered Carbon almost back to back.

If you had not watched the series, be warned—some spoilers ahead. (more…)


Melfka’s Best of 2019

Do end-of-year lists have a point? 355 days is enough time to both get acquainted with massive amounts of creations and… forget about a lot of them, no matter how good they were. Yet, those subjective “the best of” lists do have an appeal of discovery of another person’s favorites that in the next year might become mine.

Nowadays I’m more focused on creating rather than consuming, so I don’t have dozens of books or tv shows to pick from, but I still can point toward my favorites, so here’s a meager Melfka’s Best of 2019 list. (more…)


Waiting for the Witcher

I first read the Witcher series in my early teens, grabbing the books off the bookstore’s shelf as soon as they were published. Through years to come, I’ve re-read the saga almost as much as I used to read one of my other favorites, The Count of Monte Cristo. At some point, I knew pieces of dialogue and descriptions by heart, and reading those books impacted my growth as a writer.

Yet, my relationships with the Witcher’s derivative works were—so far—very lukewarm. Can the Netflix’s upcoming series change that? (more…)


Does Gotham Need Batman?

I don’t have cable tv, so I watch many of the popular shows months or years after they were aired, when they become available on Netflix or Amazon Prime or when I buy their blu-ray editions. This is why I only recently caught up with Gotham, the gritty series focusing on James Gordon’s youth and his first steps in Gotham Police Department.

Generally, I’m not a fan of DC Universe, and even though when I was young, I enjoyed the 80s and 90s Batman movies, the new ones didn’t manage to enthrall me, so naturally I was quite dubious about the show, but in the end, it surprised me in many positive ways. (more…)