A Month of Writing – February 2016

MoW-ENAs you might know, February was the month of a big move for me. Busy with wrapping up various official things, packing my belongings, and cleaning my apartment, I didn’t have time and energy to write much, and not only I didn’t manage to write every day, but also didn’t meet my goal of the average 1000 words a day. Have I failed this month’s 365k Club challenge?


I’d rather say February was quite a success for me. (more…)


A Month of Writing… A Year of Writing

MoW-ENYou may have noticed that I haven’t posted any reports for October and November, but it doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned 365k Club’s challenge. Quite to the contrary. The last months of 2015 were busy for me, both writing-wise and life-wise, so I might have not updated my “A Month of Writing” reports, but I definitely kept writing. (more…)


A Month of Writing – September

MoW-ENMy friend asked me recently whether I ever feel like indulging myself with a day without writing. Looking back at my writing journey with the 365k Club and those 9 months of consecutive writing without a day being missed, I replied: yes, sometimes I feel like not writing or writing less. Over the days, weeks and months I’ve build up enough “extra” words to take even a week off if I wanted, but… it just doesn’t feel right. Of course, if I had a major life event interfere with my writing, I’d find it justified to skip a day or a month, but with life being somewhat steady, I’d feel like cheating with skipping a day without a good reason. But I’ll tell you a secret: sometimes I do procrastinate and then writing is the only thing I get done in the evening. (more…)


A Month of Writing – August

MoW-ENIt seems that I’m more than fashionably late with my month writing report, but it doesn’t mean I have bad news. Quite to the contrary, after a difficult July when I had to balance both the 365k Club challenge and Camp NaNoWriMo, I caught my breath and slowed down with editing my novel, though I still took it to my day job to work on it during my lunch break. With no need to devote an hour or two every to it other evening I felt like I have a lot of time at my disposal and I took it to relax a bit while I maintained my writing goal. (more…)


A Month of Writing – July

MoW-ENSummer is the time when people think of the sun, long-awaited vacation in some nice place and focus on relaxing if they can. Those of us stuck in the day jobs can only dream of the sea and beaches while glancing at the patch of the blue sky through the office window. And with the weather being moody this year in Ireland, I got my heat only from my projects, because July was quite challenging. (more…)


A Month of Writing – May

MoW-ENIf you’re here in hope of finding news of disasters, missed deadlines and too low word counts, I have to disappoint you. So what happened in the fifth month in my 365k Club challenge? I probably should have report May has been dull, filled with steady progress, and nothing more, but I’ve made several discoveries about my writing process along the way, which I’d like to share with you. (more…)


A Month of Writing – April

MoW-ENIt feels like I just have been writing the March post, looking forward to April’s challenges, and now I am here, at the beginning of May, thinking of how crazy April has been, and ready to tell you all about the fourth month in the 365k Club’s challenge.

As you might remember, I was planning to visit Pyrkon (you can read more of the convention in the “Little Melfka on a big Pyrkon” post), and considered I might break the writing streak during the trip. I didn’t expect the life to lay its traps for me at the very beginning of the month…



A Month of Writing – March

MoW-ENOh look! Another month went by. Compared to the bumpy February, March had proven more understanding, allowing me to add the words at a steady pace, and to appreciate the effects of the long-term commitment. It reminded me of hiking in the mountains where the peaks always seemed to be as distant as in the beginning of the journey, but once you’ve looked back, you saw the whole stretch of valleys and narrow paths you’ve scaled already. And writing felt similar: a thousand word on its own doesn’t seem that much, but when you look at a month, then two and three months of such thousands, they grow into stories, blog posts and novels. (more…)