Wrapping up the Year

I’ve planned a few more posts before this one, but it seems that Christmas time tends to affect routines even if someone is not traveling, preparing a big celebration, or hosting family members, and the end of the year had sneaked on me almost unnoticed, so here I am, writing last minute summary of 2016 which for me personally didn’t turn out too bad of a year.

A Month of Writing – November 2016

I can’t believe that it’s been almost two years since I’ve joined the 365k Club. Looking back, I find it hard to remember how could I ever function without my daily writing, and the amount of completed projects, both small and big, speaks for the regular work and discipline.

A Month of Writing – October 2016

I find it hard to believe another year of my 365k Club adventure slowly comes to an end. It feels like I’ve just started it, but on the other hand with the turmoil and changes in my life, I haven’t really settled back into my writing routine until autumn. And once I was positive I’d be able to catch up with all my tasks, life again proved me wrong.

A Month of Writing – September 2016

Somehow September had played a time warp on me: it hardly started, and then instantly jumped to the end of the month without any prior notice, and with the days (if not weeks) lost in my memory, I had a fuzzy image of once more having fallen behind with my 365k Club challenge, but apparently the soon-to-be-autumn aura had a beneficial influence on me, since I did better than expected.

A Month of Writing – August 2016

It’s been half a month already, and I’m only now getting to write the August edition of my A Month of Writing series that chronicles my adventure in the 365k Club. As always, I had plans of catching up with everything, but it seems that summer still held its spell over me, so I didn’t do quite as much as I planned.

A Month of Writing – July 2016

Here I was, thinking my transition period after moving continents had finally come to an end and I’d be able to get back to building my routine, especially with the monsoon season starting in Arizona which would bring relief after the June’s heat I wasn’t used to anymore. Oh little I knew!

A Month of Writing – March 2016

After my struggles in January and February, I hoped March to be a better writing time for me. Of course, I knew that settling in a new country, learning things, filling (and filing) in paperwork, and many other things would keep me occupied, but with the most stress out of the way, I had high hopes for catching up with everything. Lesson learned: don’t have high hopes.