Writing in a second language – part III

After a bit of a break I am back with the third part of “Writing in a second language” and a next tip. Last time I advised you to not translate when you write, this time I suggest: Do not use dictionaries Catchy, isn’t it? And since I got your attention I will clarify a bit: do not use bilingual dictionaries when you write. Although, all in all, dictionaries are more than beneficial to any writing (be it native or a second language), being too attached to bilingual dictionaries might bring you more harm than benefits.

Writing in a second language – part II

Last time I promised to share a few tricks that would help you to improve your second language writing skills. These are not ultimate truths (and maybe they will even they will be something obvious for you) and they don’t guarantee your second language will suddenly become perfect: in fact, they might not work for you at all. But I hope that at least they will inspire you to try or to come up with your own tricks. I thought I’d be sharing all of them at once, but it turned out I have a lot more to share than …

Writing in second language – part I

Some time ago, on one of the Polish writing forums, I came across an interesting discussion. The users were pondering whether it is possible to successfully write in a second language or not. And although there was no definite “impossible” expressed, the tone of the discussion suggested trying was a waste of time. Is it really?