A Month of Writing – August 2016

MoW-ENIt’s been half a month already, and I’m only now getting to write the August edition of my A Month of Writing series that chronicles my adventure in the 365k Club. As always, I had plans of catching up with everything, but it seems that summer still held its spell over me, so I didn’t do quite as much as I planned. (more…)


7 Pieces of Advice for 365k Club Participants

7 Pieces of AdviceThe first year of 365k Club has not only been a wonderful adventure for me, but also allowed me to learn a lot about myself and my writing process. When I signed up, I expected myself to fall miserably, maybe even drop out after the first month, but to my surprise, I stayed, writing my 1000 words every day. But I know exactly how intimidating the 365k Club may feel in the beginning: so many words to be written and so many days in the year. It’s not NaNoWriMo where one can plan a month devoted to writing. It’s a real challenge, because we need to build our writing habit around our daily lives. We need to incorporate it into the daily routines, family life, day job… It’s much harder than telling friends and family we’ll be unavailable for November. (more…)


A Month of Writing – September

MoW-ENMy friend asked me recently whether I ever feel like indulging myself with a day without writing. Looking back at my writing journey with the 365k Club and those 9 months of consecutive writing without a day being missed, I replied: yes, sometimes I feel like not writing or writing less. Over the days, weeks and months I’ve build up enough “extra” words to take even a week off if I wanted, but… it just doesn’t feel right. Of course, if I had a major life event interfere with my writing, I’d find it justified to skip a day or a month, but with life being somewhat steady, I’d feel like cheating with skipping a day without a good reason. But I’ll tell you a secret: sometimes I do procrastinate and then writing is the only thing I get done in the evening. (more…)


A Month of Writing – August

MoW-ENIt seems that I’m more than fashionably late with my month writing report, but it doesn’t mean I have bad news. Quite to the contrary, after a difficult July when I had to balance both the 365k Club challenge and Camp NaNoWriMo, I caught my breath and slowed down with editing my novel, though I still took it to my day job to work on it during my lunch break. With no need to devote an hour or two every to it other evening I felt like I have a lot of time at my disposal and I took it to relax a bit while I maintained my writing goal. (more…)


Blog Hop: 7/7/7 Challenge

Blog HopBack in May, Myk Pilgrim tagged me in a Facebook chain post, challenging me to post 7 lines from the 7th line at page 7 of my WIP. I promptly did so, and after tagging a bunch of my writing friends, I enjoyed having a sneak peak into what they were working on (and I do hope I get to read their finished pieces!). Then I forgot about the challenge, though I still saw the post and tags circulating along my Facebook acquaintances. I didn’t know the challenge moved to blogs (or maybe this was where it originated?) and last week Sara Letourneau tagged me on her blog, bringing the challenge back to me. (more…)