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Melfka’s Birthday Week: The Sweet Tooth Witch

Welcome to my Birthday Week during which I post random, interesting or embarrassing facts about myself. If you missed the yesterday’s introductory post, you can find it here. This time I’m going to cover a topic that is quite obvious: Melfka’s favorite sweets.

It’s not a secret that I like my sweets. A household is not a household without chocolate, but the list doesn’t end there.


My drug of choice, right after tea. Besides, they go perfectly together, because I like my tea as bitter as it comes, so something sweet to bite… Wait a minute! Sweet? That’s a bit ironic, since my favorite chocolate is the dark one, often as bitter as the tea I’m drinking.

On occasion, I eat milk chocolate, but it’s much harder to find the brand that I’ll find appealing. Back in Europe, I relied on Milka and Lindt, and a German brand I don’t quite recall, but always recognized by its look: thick chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts and a package with a see-through foiled “window” in front.

Living in the US means I mostly alternate between Ghirardelli and Lindt, because they both have an excellent range of dark chocolate.

Melfka's Favorite Sweets - Nimm2


I fell in love with these candies as soon as they made it from German to Polish markets. They are hard candies, hollowed inside (so in the end, they aren’t too hard when you bite into them), and with a gooey, flavorful filling.

I love all things citrus, so these are one of my favorite sweets because of the very “genuine” and intensive flavor. Sadly, I haven’t found anything close to Nimm2 in the United States, so all that remains is to order them from Amazon or get it in care packages from my European friends and family. It goes without saying that limited availability makes them even more special and they have become a very special treat to me.


Another European treat: half-spheres of toffee with some chocolate and a hazelnut in the middle. So addictive, I could eat a whole box in one sitting, but I suppose I should share with Inq since he likes them too.

I was delighted when Inq found them in local stores, just under a different name. I don’t know what constituted the name change, but I hope they’ll become popular enough in America to stick around. Because, yes, they’re among my favorite sweets.

Melfka's Favorite Sweets - Toffifee

Mochi cookies

I love this Japanese treat, even though at its base it’s rice flower and sugar. The sticky, chewy and sweet balls (with the red bean paste filling) were something I picked whenever I was shopping in the Asian Market back in Dublin. Since there was one near my office, I could pop in there while picking up my lunch and have something to bring home.

I haven’t seen them around here, but it might because my town is quite small. I did, however, find the mochi flour, so I made an attempt to prepare them at home. As every first try, it brought mixed results, but I’ll definitely be making them again.

Sweet Failures

Even though I have a sweet tooth, there are treats that I steer away from.
As much as I love chocolate, there are some failures in that department. I run away screaming when someone offers me British and Irish staple: Cadbury’s, and I have similar reaction to American Herhsey’s, and if I was to pick which one is worse, I’d have a hard time.

I also don’t believe salt or mint belong in the chocolate. And white chocolate? I’m past the stage where I consider it a creation of evil, but seriously, let’s not call it “chocolate”, okay?

Another huge disappointment were Twinkies. I wanted to try it ever since I saw Zombieland, because if you’re willing to brave hordes of zombies to get them, they really have to be worth it. During my second (or maybe the third) visit to Texas I finally got one, and it was quite a letdown. An experience I’d describe as eating creamed sugar in sugar-made dough sprinkled with sugar on top.

What about you? What are your favorite sweets?

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  1. sjhigbee

    I’ve given up sweets as I’ve grown older – the refined sugar plays havoc with my concentration and energy levels, sadly. But if I simply didn’t CARE about such things – my sweet of choice would be either sherbet lemons or sherbet fountains:). I, too, have always wondered about Twinkies after Die Hard…

    1. Melfka

      Oh no… No sweets? But I guess at least you feel more focused and energetic. And sherbet lemons sound really good!
      As for Twinkies, you’re not really missing much. 😉

      1. sjhigbee

        Yes – that’s the issue. I love sweets, but I’m not good at limiting myself to the sensible one or two – it’s the whole packet with me. And then the next morning I feel as if I’ve downed a bottle of scotch – headachy, bad tempered and an inability to focus. It simply isn’t worth it. In my job I have to stay very calm, focused and patient:))

        1. Melfka

          Now you can claim you’re making real sacrifices for your job. 😉

          1. sjhigbee

            lol… I hadn’t looked at it like that:)

          2. Melfka

            Always happy to provide plethora of excuses. 😉

  2. saraletourneau

    I love dark chocolate, too! I try not to keep any at home, though, unless I’m making a dessert of some kind. Otherwise, I lose all willpower and consume more than I should in one sitting. 😮 My favorite brands are Ghirardelli and Godiva. I used to love Lindt as well, but I’ve found that I prefer Godiva’s dark chocolate and truffles to Lindt’s. I also confess to having a soft spot for most anything that combines chocolate with peanut butter.

    Btw, you’re not the only one who doesn’t care for salted chocolate.

    1. Melfka

      I learned the hard way I do need chocolate at home, but since we do shopping once a week, if I eat it all in one sitting, I have no chocolate for the rest of the week, so I’ve learned to exercise _some_ willpower. 😉
      I haven’t tried Godiva yet. Will give it a go next time I see it.
      *high five* for the salted chocolate. The other day in the store half of their chocolate choice was with salt, and it made me die a little. Glad to know there are people out there like me.

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