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The Wordwitch: A Writer’s Life in Pictures – February

You might have noticed that I haven’t been around much lately, and this month’s Wordwitch post is late. It’s because I’m in the middle of preparing to move across the States. For the same reason, the February’s A Month in the Writer’s Life won’t be posted. I’ll tell you all about my adventures in a joint February-March post in the beginning of April. Thank you for your understanding!

But for now, I hope you’ll enjoy February’s compilation of the Wordwitch pictures.

The Wordwitch

The Wordwitch (which got its name thanks to Myk Pilgrim) is a series of drawings I started back in January 2017. At first, it was one image, but soon more ideas followed and my notebook filled with more pictures. As I just recently launched my Facebook Page, it seemed a good time to start sharing them.

These drawings appear weekly on Tuesdays, on social media under the #thewordwitch hashtag, and are in monthly roundup posts here.

The Ultimate Procrastination Tool

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been around much… A week and a half ago Monster Hunter: World came out. Inq and I have been excitedly waiting for the game since June, so now we’re spending a lot of time enjoying it.
In the picture, Rathian, who has been my favorite wyvern ever since I started playing Monster Hunter series.

Melfka’s To-Do List

It seems that just recently I cleared my to-do list, but somehow new tasks are piling up again. And there’s even more on the horizon…

Cold Nothingness

This one was inspired by a conversation I had with J. Morgyn White: how doing something might create opportunities we hadn’t even imagined.
She said, “Sometimes you shoot for the stars and end up on the Moon.”
With my twisted sense of humor, I couldn’t help responding, “And sometimes you end up in cold nothingness.”

As much as such prospect might seem grim, this conversation still gets a chuckle out of me.

Can’t Do It Alone

I’m very lucky to have wonderful friends who support my writing. My husband, Inq, always listen to my ideas, a tireless cheerleader, and also my editor when I write in English. J.R. Bee Creations is always there when I need a beta-reader or just someone to bounce ideas, including spoiling a whole story when I need to discuss a plot hole. There are wonderful women from an online accountability group that over the past year had grown into something bigger – without them, I wouldn’t be writing half of the time I should.

There are others, too. All my beta-readers who spend time with my imperfect drafts, friends I’ve made over in 10 Minute Novelists group, and many more.

And there are you, who make this page a special place – a place where I can meet you all.

Writing might be somewhat alone endeavor, but being a writer isn’t. Thank you all!

If you’d like to be up to date with this series, you can head over to my Facebook Page every Tuesday or check Twitter for #thewordwitch hashtag. You can also browse other posts from the series.

Joanna Maciejewska

Joanna Maciejewska is a fantasy and science fiction author who enjoys all things SFF: books, movies, and video games. Her short stories appeared in magazines and anthologies in Polish and in English. Her epic fantasy adventure series, starting with By the Pact, is available in ebook and paperback at all major retailers.

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  1. saraletourneau

    Cruel Nothingness… That is cruel, Joanna. Just… cruel. *lol*

    They’re all wonderful again, tbh. But if I had to choose a favorite, it would be a tie between the To-Do List and Can’t Do It Alone. Because, yes, that to-do list can just keep growing, and growing… and growing… And the other one is very sweet and incredibly true. It’s always good to have writer friends and other people who support you in your creative endeavors. I know I am grateful for those in my life. 🙂

    1. Melfka

      I know it’s cruel, but it was soooo funny at the same time. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the Wordwitch. The series is getting a lot of positive feedback which encourages me to continue drawing it.

  2. sjhigbee

    They are both delightful – and I’m guessing you being in the throes of packing means that the pictures are maybe a tad more autobiographical than is comfortable just now. Or maybe my phobic loathing of packing is influencing my reaction…

    1. Melfka

      Actually, once we knew we were moving, our to-do list, even though long, didn’t grow, so it wasn’t too bad.
      And I’m with you when it comes to packing. Unpacking was much easier… 😉

      1. sjhigbee

        Yes… that’s certainly how I feel about the whole process! Are you settling in?

        1. Melfka

          Slowly, yes. We unpacked really quickly (within 10h of getting the keys everything was where it’s supposed to be), but then there were other things. Swapping over driver licenses, all the other paperwork, even such small things like finding shops.

          1. sjhigbee

            Blimey – I’m so very impressed:))

          2. Melfka

            As a secret I’ll tell you that it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have Inq. 😉

          3. sjhigbee

            No wonder he’s a keeper…

          4. Melfka

            For so many reasons! 😉

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