The Wordwitch: A Writer’s Life in Pictures – February & March 2019

Busy with work and writing-related tasks, I had to cut down on the amount of the Wordwitch pictures I draw, so the blog compilations might permanently turn to bimonthly or quarterly ones. Nevertheless, I hope you’ll enjoy another batch of pictures.

The Wordwitch: A Writer’s Life in Pictures – June

It’s time for another month’s summary of the Wordwitch pictures, so if you missed any on Twitter and Facebook, or you aren’t a social media animal to begin with, you can find the June drawings below. As always, I hope these pictures will make you smile, and maybe you’ll be able to relate to some of them as well.

The Wordwitch: A Writer’s Life in Pictures – April & May

The Wordwitch The post-move turbulence affected the Wordwitch as well, and even though the pictures appeared regularly on social media, I missed the April compilation. But nothing’s lost! This month, in return, you get a double amount of the pictures. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

The Wordwitch: A Writer’s Life in Pictures – March

The Wordwitch The Wordwitch (which got its name thanks to Myk Pilgrim) is a series of drawings I started back in January 2017. At first, it was one image, but soon more ideas followed and my notebook filled with more pictures. These drawings appear weekly on Tuesdays, on social media under the #thewordwitch hashtag on Twitter and on my Facebook page, and they are also available as monthly roundup posts.