Writing Is Much Like Learning To Drive

I never had the need of learning to drive. Poznań, my hometown in Poland, has an excellent public transport network, and when I moved over to Ireland, I couldn’t afford a car. Also, with the narrow and always jammed streets of Dublin, it seemed better to just search for an apartment near my workplace and walk to work. But moving over to the USA and living at the very edge of the town meant I would finally have start driving.

After waiting for my residency to be sorted out, I got my driver’s permit, and started getting familiar with the “controls” of the new game called “driving,” but it wasn’t until later I found similarities between learning to drive and writing. (more…)


Grand Canyon Trip

I hope you enjoyed reading posts in my Birthday Week series. I promised that at the end of it I’d share the story of my trip to Grand Canyon. I took over 200 pictures, and then managed to cut down the number to 70, and then, I trimmed it to little under 57. It’s going to be hard to put them all in a blog post, so with a heavy heart, I picked 24. I hope you’ll enjoy them. (more…)


Melfka’s Birthday Week: The Dancing Klutz

Welcome to my Birthday Week during which I post random, interesting or embarrassing facts about myself. If you missed the yesterday’s introductory post, you can find it here. Today, though running a bit late, I’m going to tell you about the less glorious side of being Melfka: being a Klutz. (more…)


Melfka’s Birthday Week

My birthdays have always been the “me” time. I can count on the fingers of one hand the few events I could consider my “birthday parties”, but I never really minded it. Each year I’ve tried to schedule time off school (which also meant skipping the lectures of university when I could) or off work, and did whatever sparked my fancy. Which, mostly, mean doing nothing, playing video games, or trying that weird cake recipe. My birthday was always the day I celebrated surviving yet another year, and becoming if not smarter, then at least more experienced when it comes to mistakes being made.

Yet, my friends still manage to make my birthday special in one way or the other. (more…)


My First Year in the USA

It’s almost a year since I closed the door of my Irish apartment for the very last time. I didn’t feel ready, with so many things in mind I still wanted or should do, but I also knew I’d never feel ready, so it didn’t really matter that much. I still remember the mix of tiredness (since I foolishly didn’t sleep for my two last nights back there), excitement, and stress.

Moving from one continent to another have something of finality like diving head first from a cliff: you don’t get to go back. (more…)


Wrapping up the Year

I’ve planned a few more posts before this one, but it seems that Christmas time tends to affect routines even if someone is not traveling, preparing a big celebration, or hosting family members, and the end of the year had sneaked on me almost unnoticed, so here I am, writing last minute summary of 2016 which for me personally didn’t turn out too bad of a year. (more…)