Confessions of a Book Addict

1Looking at my Goodreads challenge (yes, I’m still behind) made me think I’ve read awfully few books this year, and it made me wonder why. I still consider books my favorite pastime, and the “to be read list” is ever so growing. But I don’t read as much as I used to.

Of course, there’s been a lot of writing and editing this year on top of my day job, and I could say video games, movies or arts & crafts take up my free time, but then why would I pick them over books if I love reading so much? The question made me thinking, and I finally realized I don’t read books because… I’m scared. (more…)


5 Writerly Memories

5MemEnWhenever I think about me as a writer, I can only recall good memories. Surely, there were some bad things along the way, the stings of rejection letters or the frustration of when the writer’s block hits, but they just don’t come to my mind as if they weren’t that significant. And when I focus on the bright side of being a writer, several memories constantly come up to my head, and I’d like to share them with you. (more…)


Blog Hop: 7/7/7 Challenge

Blog HopBack in May, Myk Pilgrim tagged me in a Facebook chain post, challenging me to post 7 lines from the 7th line at page 7 of my WIP. I promptly did so, and after tagging a bunch of my writing friends, I enjoyed having a sneak peak into what they were working on (and I do hope I get to read their finished pieces!). Then I forgot about the challenge, though I still saw the post and tags circulating along my Facebook acquaintances. I didn’t know the challenge moved to blogs (or maybe this was where it originated?) and last week Sara Letourneau tagged me on her blog, bringing the challenge back to me. (more…)


That Novel I’m Not Writing

ThatNovelThis post has been prompted by a chat with Meg Cowley (if you’re not following her on Twitter, let me fix that for you: @meg_cowley). We shared our experience of being immersed in the worlds we create and jumping between them, and the conversation steered toward one of my projects. Meg got curious, and I somewhat promised her more information on it. (more…)


Dragon Loyalty Award Blog Hop

Blog HopI visit Brainfluff, a blog by Sarah Higbee, quite regular (that is, whenever I have a moment and I remember to do so) to read her reviews and other thoughts. Sarah devours books with the speed that I could only match when presented with a box of Toffifee or other delicious sweets, and when she doesn’t write their reviews, she shares her poems or interesting content found in all the nooks of the Internet. She also is the person who nominated me to the Dragon Loyalty Award, suggesting between the lines that some fiery and winged consequences might be upon me if I decide to pretend I never saw her post, so I preferred to write this post. (more…)


The Importance of a Satysfying Ending


Those who follow me on Twitter probably already know that I’ve finally finished Dragon: Age Inquisition. I’ve played the game quite extensively in February, and when it became clear I’m getting close to the end, I took a break, not ready to finish it yet. At the same time I was surprised with the main plot line’s length and complexity, or what I’d rather consider the lack of them. I usually don’t rush through the games, and even though I enjoy the story, the open worlds/areas push me to explore every nook and cranny, and interesting characters make me interact multiple times with every single one of them just to check if they have something new to tell me. Needless to say, my progression is quite slow and I enjoy it this way, so getting close to the main storyline’s end after roughly of 60 or 70 hours of mostly bickering about, came as quite a shock to me. (more…)


The Thing That Always Feels Great

FirstDraftThere are things that always feel great. The taste of the first strawberries when the summer starts. Opening a new book by one’s favorite author. The touch of a pillow on the face after a long and tiresome day. No matter how many times experienced, they always feel the same.

And finishing one’s writing, be it a short story or long novel, is one of those things. (more…)


Little Melfka on a big Pyrkon

ThumbBy the time I catch up with both life and sleep, you will probably have read something about Polish biggest multigenre conventionPyrkon (its name has nothing to do with the publisher Pyr, but comes from the regional word for potato: “pyra”, which Wielkopolska and Poznań are somewhat famous for), and my intent is not to deliver the fastest or the most detailed account of the event, but rather to share personal feelings of a person who remembers the times when Pyrkon was much smaller convention, and who now had a chance to come back after ten years.

So read on if you want to know if it was worth the cost of the flight tickets and missing “Avengers: Age of Ultron” premiere… (more…)


A Month of Writing – March

MoW-ENOh look! Another month went by. Compared to the bumpy February, March had proven more understanding, allowing me to add the words at a steady pace, and to appreciate the effects of the long-term commitment. It reminded me of hiking in the mountains where the peaks always seemed to be as distant as in the beginning of the journey, but once you’ve looked back, you saw the whole stretch of valleys and narrow paths you’ve scaled already. And writing felt similar: a thousand word on its own doesn’t seem that much, but when you look at a month, then two and three months of such thousands, they grow into stories, blog posts and novels. (more…)


A Month of Writing – February

MoW-ENI didn’t intend “A Month of Writing” to be a monthly post, but I think some people might be curious how my adventure with 365k Club goes – and whether it goes at all. Just as I expected, February turned out a bit rough, due to both life circumstances and distractions I brought onto myself. Believe me, buying the video game you’ve been waiting to play so badly really can mess up your writing times… (more…)