The Wordwitch – October Roundup

The Wordwitch – October Roundup

The Wordwitch

The Wordwitch (which got its name thanks to Myk Pilgrim) is a series of drawings I started back in January 2017. At first, it was one image, but soon more ideas followed and my notebook filled with more pictures. As I just recently launched my Facebook Page, it seemed a good time to start sharing them.

These drawings appear weekly on Tuesdays, on social media under the #thewordwitch hashtag, and will become a monthly roundup post here. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

You Shall Not Pass (Writer’s Edition)

I drew the first cartoon some time back in January 2017 when I was struggling with my writer’s self-doubt, and sometimes I really feel like I’m defending my writer self from my own negativity. This, somehow, connected with the scene from the Lord of the Rings, and I had the picture ready.

The Wordwitch - You Shall Not Pass (Writer's Edition)

This Is How Frienship Looks

Sometimes I hear that I’m disciplined and productive, but there’s a secret behind it. Half of things I’m supposed to do, not only the creative ones but also day to day chores, wouldn’t happen if I didn’t have a friend who is constantly pushing me to do things. JR Bee does a great job when it comes to encouragement, so hop over to Something Vloggy and give her some love.

The Wordwitch - This Is How Frienship Looks

Tripping Over the Plot Holes

I usually plan my stories, so I don’t write myself into a corner, but every now and then, I unexpectedly trip over one. It’s really painful when a single element of the story doesn’t work and ruins the whole plot or the idea. Sometimes I find solutions. Sometimes I need to brainstorm with friends. And sometimes I just lie like this.

The Wordwitch - Tripping Over Plot Holes

I’m Not Wasting Water

I love showers, and it’s not only because they keep me clean. Just like house chores, this is the time when my mind is free to wander. I end up coming up with many ideas, solve problems, and end up much more motivated to work.

The Wordwitch - I'm Not Wasting Water

Donut-shaped Myk

Having friends you can talk to about writing is important. Though, sometimes instead of brainstorming a story idea or fixing that plot hole, you end up side-tracked. Back in February our replacement topic was “donuts” (or “doughnuts”, if you’re more fond of the British spelling) and how many everyone ate. Myk Pilgrim confessed he had become donut-shaped which inspired this drawing. Apparently, he’s not donut-shaped anymore (well done!), but the picture remains.

If you’d like to be up to date with this series, you can head over to my Facebook Page every Tuesday or check Twitter for #thewordwitch hashtag. You can also browse other posts from the series.


  1. These really work nicely, and don’t just apply to writing either, with the filming side of things I’m seeing a lot of similarities.
    And I’m glad I can get you going, you got to give yourself some credit though, there’s only so much I can do before you have to take over and actually do the things 🙂

  2. I love these drawings, Joanna! They’re well done and funny, and they’re also full of truth. I admit that my favorite is You Shall Not Pass (must be the LOTR influence), but I can relate a lot to I’m Not Wasting Water. Some of my best creative ideas come to me when I’m showering, too!

    1. Thank you, Sara! I like the YSNP one too – it was, after all, what started the series. I’m also happy that so many people can relate to the shower one. I’m sure in the future someone will invent a waterproof laptop powered by soap so we don’t have to leave showers to write. 😉

  3. Love those drawings. The writer’s edition “you-shall-not-pass” hits the nail on the head, what I call Friday office cleaning. Well, sometimes just showing up before the keyboard is a success.
    Oh, and thinkshowering is awesome. As is thinkbathing, thinkbiking and thinkcooking.

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