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The Wordwitch: A Writer’s Life in Pictures – September

Here’s another portion of the Wordwitch pictures – I hope you’ll enjoy them!


As a creative person, I love all the opportunities that allow me to be more creative. But there’s only so much time in a day, and prior commitments always come first.

Sadly, as much as I want to, sometimes I need to pass on the opportunities I love.

What about you? Have you ever had to say “no” or not take a chance at something great, creatively or otherwise, because you already had too much on your plate?


During  two weekends in September, I was meeting Inq’s immediate and extended family.

As much as both events were a pleasant experience, for an introvert like me it meant feeling drained and deflated. I’m going to take time to recharge through creativity and… hanging out with people online.

How about you? Are you an introvert or extrovert? How do you recharge?

Being a Freelancer

I love my part-time job, but working with people from over the world sometimes means the time zones are being mixed up. Being a freelancer definitely made me discover some unexpected aspects of the job.

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Joanna Maciejewska

Joanna Maciejewska is a fantasy and science fiction author who enjoys all things SFF: books, movies, and video games. Her short stories appeared in magazines and anthologies in Polish and in English. Her epic fantasy adventure series, starting with By the Pact, is available in ebook and paperback at all major retailers.

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  1. Glenda

    Where can I find a pixie to air me back up after social interactions? I need one!

    1. Melfka

      Me too! The procrastigoblin isn’t doing a good job – I wonder why… 😉

  2. Alchemy Ocelot

    Opportunities. There are either too many, or not enough, and always at the wrong time (Freelancer ahoy, 3 AM). I used to do a lot of projects at once, but that wasn’t good for my concentration, nor did it help the projects getting finished, so nowadays I try to stick to one thing, with flexible exceptions.
    As with introversion-extraversion, I seem to be on the very edge bewteen the two, because I have phases that fit either type. I did the Myers-Briggs test and I ended up as an INTJ with very low introversion, or a ENTJ with very low extraversion. So one day I recharge by roleplaying with a bunch of strangers, another by biking towards the Alps, alone, with a book. Guess it either depends on the moon, or maybe I’m just a jaded ENTJ?

    Love your drawings. ^_^

    1. Melfka

      I don’t have a problem with working on many things at the time – I think my overall job experience got me so used to having to work on many things at the time, it became my process.
      The problem with introversion and extroversion also might be a difference between being around friends and being around strangers/crowds. I don’t consider meeting dear friends a social outing and it doesn’t drain me.
      And thank you. Sometimes I’m surprised I haven’t ran out of ideas yet, but there always seem to be something new to draw.

  3. saraletourneau

    I hear you on feeling drained after social interactions. I’m an introvert, like you, so I tend to do best with one-on-one or small groups. But after large events, I just want to sleep. *lol*

    Great drawings as always, Joanna. I also saw your first #Wordwitch for October on Facebook earlier, and it made me chuckle. (They all do, actually! They’re adorable, but they’re also so true!)

    1. Melfka

      Yes, one-on-one is the best, but small groups work for me too.
      And thank you. I hoped that even when I’m not drawing something cheerful (because we know well that a writer’s life isn’t always full of joy), the pictures themselves are smile-worthy anyway. 🙂

  4. J.R.Bee

    I can absolutely relate to the first two. Luckily I don’t tend to get messages at 3 am 😀

    1. Melfka

      You know, I can help you start getting some… *evil laugh*

      1. J.R.Bee

        I turn notifications off after 10 :p

  5. sjhigbee

    I love the drawings – so apt and clever! The first one particularly applies to me, sadly. I need to step out of my Superwoman onesie and accept that I’m merely an ageing female with delusions of grandeur…

    I have great respect for you having to field requests around the clock – hard enough to have to problem-solve, but doing so during the night is far more demanding!

    1. Melfka

      If the feeling of grandeur and your Superwoman onesie keep you going – who cares?
      And thankfully, I don’t work during the night. If I’m awake, I might send a response, but mostly I respond only after 6am, when I get up, and most of my clients know it. 🙂

      1. sjhigbee

        Yes… I’m really badly struggling at the moment. I think I might have an inner ear infection – or I’m suffering from acute stress. Either way, again I’m laid low by this wretched vertigo and it’s causing havoc. I’m going to try and get a drs appointment in the morning…

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