The Wordwitch: A Writer’s Life in Pictures – August

The Wordwitch: A Writer’s Life in Pictures – August

August was marked with some unexpected happenings, so there are only 3 pictures, but I hope you’ll enjoy them nevertheless.

Worldbuilding with Inq

I quite enjoy wordlbuilding for my stories, but it’s not the quickest or simplest task. Especially compared to Inq who can create complex and interesting worlds almost with a snap of his fingers. No wonder I often brainstorm with him, especially when I need to figure some piece out, but it often ends up like this…


I was brainstorming with my writer friends, and I wanted to write “I’ll mull over the idea”. But it was late, and I was tired, and as you can expect, I spelled “mull” differently. Yet, in a way, it did make sense.

I meant to tell you what I wrote, but then I thought you might guess it from the picture. Can you tell what I wrote?

Killing Characters

Inq and I have a very different way on how to handle character deaths in our stories.

As a reader, do you prefer writers who are merciless to their characters, or do you like to have that lingering hope that – no matter what happens – your favorite characters might be able to make it to the end?

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    1. NO! Why did you hit the Enter key, Pinkie Finger? XD :S

      Anyway… I love the last drawing. And I’m not sure whether you intended this, but Inq’s expression in that one is the perfect blend of innocence and sadism. 😮 As for the middle drawing, did you write “mule” instead of “mull”?

      1. Hahaha… I never thought of it as sadism. He’s just very pragmatic when it comes to story telling and since he isn’t very emotional in general, his attachment to characters doesn’t keep him from killing them… whenever. 😀
        And I wrote “maul over the idea” :D.

  1. I like all those drawings – but the last one had me sniggering aloud, mostly because of the expression on your faces:)). I am between both of you. Yes, I tend to put my characters through the wringer and one or two mightn’t make it – but I’m always aware that readers invest in characters so I think carefully before offing someone…

    So did you type null, instead of mull? The other option I thought of was maul…

    1. Then you’re definitely more in my camp… Inq is more like GRR Martin: he can kill off any character at any time, and he never feels sorry that he did.
      And yes, it was “maul over the idea” :).

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