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4 Horror Movies I’d Watch Again

Let’s make something clear: I’m not a horror fan. I don’t get grossed out by flying intestines, but watching gore most often than not bores me. At the same time, the atmospheric, fear-instilling scenes tend to annoy me. After all, there are only two options: either something will jump out or not. And since those scenes consist only from slow exploring or long shots and silence with nothing else to carry them through, I tend to catch myself muttering, “Get to the point already!” I don’t mind a slower pace in a movie narration, but whenever it feels like a drag, my mood is lost.

An accidental horror-viewer

Because of that, I don’t watch horror movies often. Sure, I’ve seen some of the staple ones, but since I’m more likely than not to be disappointed, I rarely pick them on my own. But every now and then I give in when Inq recommends I watch something, so I’ve had my share of horrors, including watching movies so bad, there wasn’t enough letters in the alphabet to assign a category to them.

There are also a few that I enjoyed greatly (with Inq’s traditional, “I told you so”), though they aren’t pure horrors. It seems that I need a pinch of other genre to make horror movies palatable for me, and that pinch is usually… humor.


It’s been 9 years since the movie’s premiere, but it feels as fresh and as awesome as back then. It’s also my all-time favorite zombie movie. I’m not crazy about zombies, but managed to hook me from the very first scenes. The characters are likable, and the absurd humor struck the right chord. The clever use of retrospection and other narrative tools makes the movie well-paced (though I had a bit of a problem with the part in a certain mansion) and very entertaining. Not to mention the main character’s rules hilariously implemented into the storyline… The list of things I enjoyed could go on.

Cabin in the Woods

For some reason, I didn’t want to watch that movie. I really didn’t. Maybe because of the raving reviews pinning it as the best horror movie of the year (or other time period). And as you already know, well, horrors – even the best ones – aren’t my thing.

But Inq made me watch it.

It took me a few scenes to get over the feeling I wouldn’t enjoy the movie, and actually start… enjoying it. Because it’s impossible to not appreciate the brilliant pastiche of the genre, taking all its possible cliches and making it into a movie that isn’t what it seemed. Not to mention the jaw-dropping ending that delivers ever single bit of satisfaction… and ensures there won’t be sequels running the story down until it becomes a money-making grinder.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

This one came with the recommendation of one awesome Myk Pilgrim, a horror connoisseur. It took me a while to get around to watching it, but boy! It’s been a blast. Another movie that takes well-used tropes of teenagers going to spend some time in a cabin in the woods. Then it plays around with them, delivering unexpected twists and bouts of laughter while ultimately still delivering the so-well-used horror story about the killer in the woods hunting helpless teenagers.

Thir13en Ghosts

Another of “Inq made me watch it” movies. He said that even though it was a horror, I’d appreciate the plot and some story ideas, and I sure did. Maybe because the horror doesn’t seem the end goal but rather a narrative device to tell a story. Sinister plots, ghost-hunting, and an automated house that becomes a deadly trap make Thir13en Ghosts feel more like a fantasy movie… just a very dark one.

It’s the least light-hearted of all the movies on this list, but if you don’t mind some goosebumps and haven’t seen it yet – treat yourself!

There are few more that I could put on the list, like unforgettable “Alien” and “Aliens” (both more science fiction than horror, though), but if I kept going, I’d likely list all the horror movies I’ve seen – since I haven’t watch that many.

How about you? Do you enjoy horrors? Which one is your favorite and why? Have you seen any of the movies from my list?

Joanna Maciejewska

Joanna Maciejewska is a fantasy and science fiction author who enjoys all things SFF: books, movies, and video games. Her short stories appeared in magazines and anthologies in Polish and in English. Her epic fantasy adventure series, starting with By the Pact, is available in ebook and paperback at all major retailers.

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  1. Glenda

    The only one on your list that I’ve seen is Zombieland and like you, it was because Darlin said so. I’m not a horror fan either. Psychological thriller, count me in. Horror? Not so much.

    To me, it was more a dark comedy combined with a coming of age movie than horror. I enjoyed it.

    1. Melfka

      I guess calling it a horror is a little bit of a stretch. But if you enjoyed it, you could give Tucker and Dale a chance – it’s in a similar vein. 🙂

  2. J.R.Bee

    I like the thinky Horror films, so ones with more of a plot than “run from the monster before it gets you”.
    So my top two, and the only ones I can think of right now, are The Others, and Sixth Sense. There was another film based in an asylum that I enjoyed, but can’t remember what it was called.
    Also I did very much enjoy Shawn of the Dead, I don’t really count that as a horror though.
    And I did see 13 ghosts, but couldn’t get into it all that much.

    1. Melfka

      I liked Sixth Sense when I saw it (what was it, like 15 years ago? :O ), but I never felt compelled to watch it again. It’s only as good as the final reveal, sadly.

      1. J.R.Bee

        That’s very true. I may have seen it twice, but it’s good enough to stick with me.
        It was the same with The Others tbh, only as good as the reveal.

  3. Alchemy Ocelot

    I’m not much into horror movies myself and I haven’t seen any of those you listed. Hellraiser was amusing. Kind of reminded me of high school.
    And, Beetlejuice, Beettlejuice–?

    1. Melfka

      Oh, you should go and see some.
      Zombieland and Tucker & Dale are pure fun, but something tells me you’re going to greatly appreciate Cabin in the Woods. (And you might enjoy 13 Ghosts as well.)

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