By the Pact – 0.99 Sale

To celebrate the release of Shadows over Kaighal, the third book in my Pacts Arcane and Otherwise series, I decided to put the first book on sale across all platforms and locations. If you were wondering whether By the Pact is for you, this is a great time to find…


Speculative K-Dramas for Valentine’s Day

I have a confession to make. I have a soft spot for Korean love dramas. Most times, they feel fresh in their innocence and honesty in contrast of the Western dramas that often rely on the main characters lying to each other to create tension, but of course, as a dedicated fan of everything speculative, I prefer my love dramas with a pinch of fantasy or science fiction, so here are three shows to check if you’re looking for something romantic and speculative at the same time that will last you long past February 14th. (more…)


My First Experiences With Audiobooks

I’ve always thought audiobooks weren’t for me. As a visual learner, I often preferred reading a book on a subject than receiving a lecture on it, with the exception of the hands-on experiences, of course. Books always had my full and undivided attention, to the point where somebody could probably…


My Favorite Reads of 2021

In recent years, I haven’t been reading as much as I’d love. There are several reasons. First and the most important is that I consider myself addicted to reading, so if I find an enjoyable book, I’m likely to ignore sleep, food, and yes, work too. It’s not optimal to having a productive life, so I avoid reading when I know I will have other things to do. I’m getting better at managing to “tear away” from a book, so I hope soon it’s not going to be a factor anymore. My second reason is that I’m a picky reader. In my youth, I consumed a lot of books, and over the years I refined my tastes in books. It means that it’s harder for me to find books I truly enjoy, and I end up DNF-ing quite a few. (more…)


Looking Back and Looking Forward

A new year might be just as little as an arbitrary point of changing the date, but it is a good moment to look back and look forward, checking the goals met and setting up new ones. Here's what I achieved in 2021 and what I'm looking forward to in…


Saying goodbye to Melfka

If you follow me on social media, you might have already seen the signs, but today I’m making it official: I decided to retire my longtime nickname from being part of my brand and social media. It wasn’t an easy decision, but with my books reaching more and more people, it made sense to make this transition, so that they can find me easily. (more…)

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Back When Witches Were Humans – On Birthright in Fantasy

Nowadays it seems that every other urban fantasy book I pick up has witches in it, and the blurb goes along the lines of “she’s a witch, but she helps humans” or “she’s a witch, and now humans are after her”, or it has some other iteration of “witches vs. them” theme. And that, sadly, is usually the reason I don’t even continue checking out the rest of the blurb, let alone reading the actual book.

It’s because I miss the witches of old. Or rather, to be more precise, I miss how they used to be portrayed in stories. (more…)


Summer of Interviews

Summer is ending today, and it’s been a busy one for me! By the Pact, the first novel in epic fantasy adventure series, Pacts Arcane and Otherwise, is a part of the seventh edition of Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off, and September is a Self-Published Fantasy Month, so there’s a lot going on! (more…)