Summer of Interviews

Summer of Interviews

Summer is ending today, and it’s been a busy one for me! By the Pact, the first novel in epic fantasy adventure series, Pacts Arcane and Otherwise, is a part of the seventh edition of Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off, and September is a Self-Published Fantasy Month, so there’s a lot going on!


  • M.S. Olney interviewed me as a part of Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off. If you’re curious what kind of characters I like, or which franchise I consider “best”, hop over to the interview!
  • Lorri Moulton interviewed me as a part of Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off. I talk about what kind of books draw me in, learn my insights on fantasy genre, and about aspects of self-publishing, so check it out!
  • The last interview is at Self-Published Fantasy Month website, and I talk about my favorite self-published books, superpowers I’d like to have, and many more topics.

There are also new reviews, if you’re curious what others think about By the Pact. The book is in the batch judged by Lynn’s Book and the Critiquing Chemist, and Lynn has shared her thoughts on it. Outside of the SPFBO contest, Barb wrote a lovely review on Goodreads, and Raven read and reviewed both By the pact and Scars of Stone.

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