2020 in a Rearview Mirror

Oh what a year it’s been, don’t you agree? On one hand, I had some of my plans derailed, and things had not gone the way I thought they would. On the other, I was one of the lucky few who hadn’t been much affected by the unexpected situation that changed the way we live our lives. Yet, even for me, it was not a year of major achievements or hitting important milestones. Rather, it was a year of trying to move forward and succeed despite the odds.

A Month in a Writer’s Life – December 2017

Another month went by, and with it—another year, therefore December’s A Month in a Writer’s Life will be a bit of cheating, summing up my whole year. It didn’t go exactly how I thought it would, but I can’t say it was bad.

A Month in a Writer’s Life – November 2017

Where do those days and months go? It feels like I was just writing the October post, and now it’s time to post it again. When it comes to creativity, November turned out an interesting month. I had to shift some of my priorities, and I ended up more busy than usually.