The Wordwitch: A Writer’s Life in Pictures – December

The Wordwitch: A Writer’s Life in Pictures – December

The Wordwitch

The Wordwitch (which got its name thanks to Myk Pilgrim) is a series of drawings I started back in January 2017. At first, it was one image, but soon more ideas followed and my notebook filled with more pictures. As I just recently launched my Facebook Page, it seemed a good time to start sharing them.

These drawings appear weekly on Tuesdays, on social media under the #thewordwitch hashtag, and are a monthly roundup post here. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

In December, I posted only 3 images, taking a break for the Christmas week – I still hope you’ll enjoy them.

Trying to Write A Query

I was trying to write a synopsis instead of query, but the principle stays the same. Writing a whole novel was a lot easier.

Do you have any tasks you hate or struggle with?

the wordwitch - trying to write a query

Tea (or Coffee) Helps Writing

I don’t need tea to start writing, but whenever I find myself stuck or distracted, I go and brew a huge cup. Somehow, sitting in front of my laptop and sipping tea puts me in the “it’s time to write” mindset, and words come much easier. I guess that, in a way, it became a part of my writing ritual.

the wordwitch - tea helps writing

Happy Holidays – Goblin Adoption

Remember, adopting a Procrastigoblin is not just for Christmas, it’s for LIFE! 

Happy Holidays everyone, no matter what and how you celebrate.

the wordwitch - happy holidays/procrastigoblin adoption

If you’d like to be up to date with this series, you can head over to my Facebook Page every Tuesday or check Twitter for #thewordwitch hashtag. You can also browse other posts from the series.


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